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Tuna97's Sprites!

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1Tuna97's Sprites! Empty Tuna97's Sprites! on Thu Dec 30, 2010 8:42 am


Hello Folks Wink (like PP likes to say)
I sprite for a year now its just my hobby and i like it a lot.I do Fakemons only but in future i could try spriting something other for now you'll see fakemons in my Topic.I would like to know what do you think about my spriting style, sprites and such.And yes i do requests but mostly dont complete them but i always try.If you need me to edit a sprite I'll help i like it just post here you're sprite and tell me what I need to improve on it.I do like to get constructive criticism but you dont need to ell that you could say "wow i like them" or such xD.Now ill stop talking here are my sprites, btw ill edit this topic when i get new sprites.

Tuna97's Sprites! Calmbeast Tuna97's Sprites! Dinogearleafshadedfinis Tuna97's Sprites! Crocomant

I did post only 3 sprites in future i'll add a lot more!

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